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Reduce stress, anxiety, and pain, or simply improve your overall well-being with this complementary holistic therapy.

Our full-body Reiki energy healings are designed to help you relax, heal and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul.

Here's what to expect during your healing session

Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki is a complementary medicine that has its roots in Japan. It works by channeling pure energy from the practitioner's hands to the recipient's body, with the aim of promoting healing and relaxation. Reiki is commonly utilized to alleviate stress, anxiety, and pain, as well as to enhance overall health and wellness.

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All healings take place at Kia Aura's home studio - 

Located in Warkworth, Auckland. 

The exact location will be given to you upon booking. 

When you arrive, please wait at the door until your appointment time. Your healer will come to greet you, where a quick aura cleansing will take place before entering the healing space. 

Once inside, you will have a 10-minute rundown and holistic consultation before your full-body energy healing begins. 

After your session, the healer will give you a page of detailed notes of their observations during the healing and, with your permission, any intuitive messages they received.

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What does an energy healing feel like?

Everyone reacts uniquely to energy healing; numerous individuals experience a deep sense of relaxation, allowing them to enter a serene and tranquil state, whilst some may experience a sense of elation, others a release of emotion, and some may feel very little.

You might notice warmth or gentle tingling sensations in the areas where the Reiki practitioner's hands are positioned, or nothing at all. 

These are all common and normal responses.

Reiki is pure source energy, and is a nourishing, gentle, and peaceful experience and only performed with good intent.

Nothing can go wrong.


Book Now

Let our certified holistic healers help you achieve a state of balance and harmony.

We also offer quiet, hands-free healing sessions for those adverse to touch and/or loud noises. 

Please note that any cancellations must be made 48 hours before your appointment to avoid a cancellation fee.

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