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Vive La Libra

Insightful, harmonious and fair, this peaceful air sign is the most balanced of all the zodiacs. Libras are lovers, not fighters, as the scales not only symbolize their state of equilibrium but also their strong need for justice.


Birthdate: September 23 - October 23

Element: Air.

Planet: Venus.

Colour: Pink.

Hobbies: Reading, tramping, traveling.

Symbol: Scales.

Famous Libras: John Lennon, Eminem, Margaret Thatcher, Oscar Wilde, Lord Nelson, Kim Kardashian, Gandhi, Kate Winslet, Serena Williams.



With Venus ruling Libra, love comes naturally to them. They seek affection rather than attention and respond well to thoughtful gestures. Their charming personality attracts many partners from different backgrounds, and they never have difficulty finding a date. They have a healing presence about them, and an instinct to nurture wounded souls. They must take extra care not to take on too much of someone's emotional baggage, as others can unconsciously off load on them. Libra's ideal partner is someone of high intellect, many interests, and a passion for exploration. Someone who will set clear boundaries within the relationship and maintain a strong sense of self throughout.

Best date ideas: Art gallery/culture tour followed by dinner at a winery.

Best compatibility: Aquarius - intelligent, intuitive, sociable, philosophical.


Aphrodite herself must have blessed this air sign as Libras has a talent for pleasure. They know how to create a romantic ambiance and how to please a partner. They pick up on emotions easily and can channel that intuitive knowledge into an addictive touch. Sex to them is like music, and they enjoy someone who can set a pleasant rhythm for them to follow to.


You will often find Libra among a large group of friends and, although they may not be the boisterous one in the foreground, they are the one that other people see as the 'shining light'. This is because Libras like to establish themselves as a strong support system that others can come to for advice or a nurturing hand. They are honest and loyal and like to take a tactful approach to certain situations. Their need to weigh up everyone's opinion can come across as indecisive, but they are often the ultimate decision maker in the end.


With their innate need for harmony, Libras fall into the role of mediator, often diffusing difficult moments within the family. They are the rock of the household but can be people pleasers. They love to turn birthdays into big occasions and celebrate everyone's accomplishments, no matter how small.


Libras are excellent at maintaining money. They like a bargain and can charm traders with their bartering skills. Security is important to them, but so are the little luxuries in life, preferring to divide their spending money into experiences and small gifts.


Diplomatic and logical with an intuitive knack, Libras excel in roles such as teaching, politics, law and design. They are gifted public speakers and work well in groups. They like to feel helpful and hate to see injustice. If a co-worker is being slighted, then this air sign will have no qualms in speaking up.


Libra's home should be cheerful, positive and luxurious. They love to be surrounded by beauty and nature. Since balance is a key phrase, all the elements should be represented, i.e., water fountains, a fireplace, lots of plants and big, open windows. Colours like pastel pink, blush orange and primrose yellow will lift the mood and set an inviting atmosphere for them to relax in.

The seventh sign in the zodiac Librans are sociable, loving, and friendly people. They are charming, intelligent, persuasive, and levelheaded, making them the 'barristers' of the other signs.


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