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Valiant Virgos

Fiercely intellectual and independent Virgos are considered to be the 'brains' of the zodiacs. Their methodical minds and tender hearts make them ideal people to help solve our planet's most pressing problems.


Birthdate: August 23rd - September 22nd

Element: Earth

Planet: Mercury

Colour(s): Grey, green, brown

Hobbies: Organising, reading, dog walking.

Symbol: The Maiden

Famous Virgos: Elizabeth I, Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, Beyonce, Roald Dahl, Jenna Marbles, Zendaya, Bill Murray.



Because of their cautious and careful nature, Virgo's affection may appear to some as closed off. They have a tendency to over-analyse a romantic intention and are typically slower to fall in love than their significant other. Honesty and frankness are principal qualities Virgos look for in a partner, preferring to be with someone nurturing but direct.

Best date ideas: A stroll through the botanical gardens followed by a visit to an old bookshop.

Best compatibility: Everyone! Most of the zodiac signs have good compatibility with Virgo because of their caring nature.


Take it slow Virgos! There is a reason their astrological symbol is the The Maiden or 'Virgin'. They respond well to a lot of foreplay and sensual touches. Being intimate whilst in a stable relationship will help bring out Virgo's emotional side.


Our fair maidens are the best advisors a friend could ask for. They provide a sound and logical viewpoint on any situation and will intuitively know the best solution to a problem. They need to feel safe and grounded in a friendship and do not appreciate someone who is 'up in the air', flighty or too intensely passionate.


Attentive, dedicated, and loyal Virgos make the perfect family members. They are excellent caregivers and responsible adults even when they were young! Chores get done, and the house will always be clean and tidy... just make sure to put everything back in the right place, or you'll risk facing their censure.


Save, Save, Save! These earth signs are diligent, prudent people with money, preferring to bank it rather than spend it. They have a sixth sense when knowing what to invest in and when a sale is on. They truly are the budget babes of the zodiac.


Paperwork, numbers, problem-solving! All the keywords Virgos long to hear. Their eye for detail makes them perfect for any of the following jobs: detective, librarian, politician, writer, interior decorator, food/art critic, doctor. Anything that allows them to work with their incredible intellect will keep them satisfied. Be careful though! Their perfectionist trait can hold them back if not kept in check - prioritising time to enjoy nature should help center them when the urge to self sabotage is strong.


Fresh, crisp and calm colours help keep this earth sign grounded. Simple furniture paired with minimalist decor gives them that much-needed sense of space. Make sure there is plenty of storage too! Investing in a label maker is a must, as Virgos need everything to have a place in their home.

Virgo's zodiac symbol 'The Maiden' is also the Goddess of agriculture and wheat, making this earth sign firmly rooted to this realm. They are nurturing, shrewd, intelligent and extremely hard-working. Their incredibly high standards will propel them far and materialise their dreams into reality.


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