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Taurus El Toro

El Toro... The Bull! Those born under the Taurus birth sign are known to be well-grounded, reliable, and sensual. Their steadfast nature and strength will mean that they can achieve anything they set their mind to.


Birthdate: April 20 - May 20

Element: Earth

Planet: Venus

Colour: Green

Hobbies: Arts & craft, photography, gardening, cooking

Symbol: Bull

Famous Taureans: Queen Elizabeth II, Barbra Streisand, William Shakespeare, Audrey Hepburn, Cher, George Clooney, Adele, Stevie Wonder



Sweet and affectionate, a Taurean lover is an attentive partner, often showering their loved one with material gifts. They are compatible with those who have shared personal experiences and similar backgrounds. The first of the earth signs just want to love and to be loved. To feel stable and appreciated in a connection and to have a partner that is a perfect Ying to their Yang.

Best date ideas: At home movie night followed by a romantic bubble bath and pampering.

Best compatibility: Capricorn - down to earth, materialistic, creative thinking, grounded.


Sensual and tender, Taurus is an amazing lover! They value touch as the most important sense of the five physical senses. They enjoy tactile and tantric sex, but only with those they trust. Sex is a long and luxurious art form for them, worshiping their partner with care and gentle caresses. A kiss from a Taurus may just be the best kiss you'll ever have.


They may have a reputation for being closed off, but Taureans are loving and loyal to their friends. They will stick with them through the good times and the bad, often having solid friendships lasting a lifetime. Although they can be possessive or jealous at times, their friends know they will always be a constant companion. Whether it's spending the day wine tasting, visiting a museum, or just hanging out at a favourite restaurant, the bull is always up for indulgent and comforting activities.


Family life is a high priority for Taurus. They thrive in a stable and loving environment and appreciate quality time with their loved ones. Their role is often being the roots of the family tree, providing stability and a grounded viewpoint. Their relatives know that they can always rely on them as an unwavering presence in their lives. Due to their innate desire to start a family, many Tauruses may settle down young. They have a natural talent for making money and may even begin contributing to the family's expenses before graduating from high school. Gatherings and celebrations are always a hit, as they love to cater and host parties.


The bulls certainly like to make money and will work hard to get it. Their natural creativity and resourcefulness mean that they have many avenues of income, if they so choose. Organisation comes easily to them, therefore bills will always be paid on time and the savings account will be well stocked.


Artistic and focused work projects are great fun for Taurus. They are reliable and steadfast employees who value routine. One thing's for sure, you know the job will get done with a Taurus around. Culinary, the arts, or finance are good career moves for them.


Cozy and green... keywords for Taurus's home style. Due to Venus being their ruling planet, they have a high appreciation for beauty. Muted tones with beautiful plants, flowers and sweet-smelling candles invigorate the senses, whilst plush accessories such as blankets and cushions will create comfort. Warm and snug sitting areas with a spring colour palette make a house a home for the bulls.

The second sign of the zodiac, Taureans are known for expressing their artistic talents, having a will of iron, and nurturing their love of nature. They truly thrive when contributing creatively.


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