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Seductive Scorpio

Passionate, assertive, deep-thinking and alluring. Scorpios are perhaps the most misunderstood and mysterious sign of the zodiac. Their powerful scorpion energy can intimidate others and make them wary of their 'sting', but underneath their elusive exterior is a wise and all-knowing being.


Birthdate: October 23rd - November 22nd

Element: Water

Planet(s): Mars & Pluto

Colour: Black/Red

Hobbies: Meditation, music, art, yoga, detective games.

Symbol: Scorpion

Famous Scorpios: Pablo Picasso, Bill Gates, Julia Roberts, Marie Antionette, Leonardo DiCaprio, Anne Hathaway, Lorde, Ryan Gosling, Drake, Tilda Swinton.



This water sign does nothing half-way. Some describe them as obsessive, whilst others say they are passionate. Either way, a Scorpio loves to love, preferring long-term partnerships to short-term flings. Seduction is second nature to them, and they like to go all out on dates and special occasions. Always be honest with a Scorpio, as white lies, even well-intentioned ones, will never go down well.

Best date ideas: Dinner on a luxury yacht followed by an ice bar.

Best compatibility: Taurus - respectful, sensual, intelligent and grounded.


Scorpio is associated with the eighth houses in astrology - governing over sex, death and rebirth. This can be reflected in their sex life as they feel intensely. They like to delve deep into their sexuality and explore all that love offers. Sex is healing as it allows them to express their emotions to their partner. Expect a lot of role-play and frisky positions.


All eyes are on them upon entering a room. People are magnetically drawn to their commanding and mysterious presence. There is a charged vibration in their aura and people respond, positively or not. They are genuine people and fierce friends. Like Taurus, their trust is not easily won, but unlike the bulls, they will let their guard down and open up to anyone who dares ask.


With a juxtaposition between extreme loyalty and grudge holders, Scorpios can be very close with their family but can just as easily shun them if someone has hurt them. They are open-minded about parenting and prefer a more liberal lifestyle. As children, they can be aloof and closed off, but that's only when they feel emotionally overwhelmed. Reassuring them you are there to help if need be will help calm the rocky waters that Scorpios sometimes feel.


Since their ruling planets are Mars and Pluto, the gods of the underworld and war, Scorpios are drawn to jobs such as funeral directors, morticians, and surgeons. Their thirst for knowledge and determination also make them perfect for positions like researchers, psychologists and producers. They are abundant with innate wisdom and psychic abilities which can aid them in their professional life or lead them into a more spiritual vocation. If you pass their 'vibe check', then they make for fun and vivacious co-workers, but if you don't make the cut, then expect them to come across as slightly despondent.


With Pluto being one of their ruling planets, this water sign is blessed with prosperity. Their natural talent for tapping into the occult can help them manifest money more easily than other signs. They can have a strong urge to splurge, as they have the mindset of a millionaire, even if they're not one. Their anthem is definitely '7 rings'- by Ariana Grande.


A Scorpion's sense of style is presented as 'Victorian Gothic' with dark colours, decorative skulls and black furniture. However, any space that feels intimate and private will be a haven for this water sign. Dark tones with ambient lighting will allow them to retreat into themselves.

People are often surprised when Scorpio is revealed to be a water sign, as their passionate and powerful personality can be classed as a fire sign. They share many similarities with Leo, but unlike the Lions; they are more quiet and cunning when getting what they want.


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