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Leo Lions

Represented by the fierce lion, Leos are the Monarchs of the celestial jungle. These spirited fire signs are known for their vivacious, theatrical, and passionate personalities, and they relish their status as royalty. Roll out the red carpet, because Leo has arrived.


Birthdate: July 23 - August 22

Element: Fire

Planet: Sun

Colour: Gold

Hobbies: Dancing, singing, acting, reading

Symbol: Lion

Famous Leos: Coco Chanel, Napoleon Bonaparte, Whitney Houston, Lucille Ball, Kylie Jenner, Andy Warhol, Madonna, J.K. Rowling.



Being ruled by the sun, Leos are naturally dazzling and confident. Shining bright in any room. They attract all sorts of admirers due to their vivacity and majestic beauty.

To some they can come across as intimidating, but they are loyal and fun companions with a wild side that can never be tamed, nor should it. They show their true emotions with ease and like to take the leading role within the relationship. A partner who is patient, self-reliant and has a similar intellect to them is a lion's best match.

Best date ideas: A spa day followed by dancing/clubbing.

Best compatibility: Libra - kind, patient, intelligent, sociable, sensual.


Frisky and energetic, the lions truly know how to make their partner roar in bed! They purr at the notion of being wanted and desired. Feed their ego with compliments and suggestive comments and they'll be yours. Switching up the sexual positions, locations, along with role-playing and giving into their sexual fantasies will always go down a treat.


Humorous and friendly, Leo's charismatic nature draws a lot of attention, making it easy for them to attract different people into their social circle. They have many admirers, but can be selective in their choice of friends. Loyalty and consistency are fundamental components that Leos look for in a friend.


Family may not be their highest priority, but they'll still protect the pride at all costs. They value their ability to provide for their loved ones highly and prefer to show their love through either materialistic means or sage advice - warranted or not. Their independent streak can make them leave the nest earlier than other signs.


Wealth and abundance come naturally to Leos and so too does spending. They love to splurge out on their hobbies and have a very decedent taste for clothes and decor. It's a good thing then that they know how to hustle well, with their many avenues of income.


Ambitious, energetic and determined. These lions know how to command a room and make a name for themselves. Be careful though whilst climbing to the top, an oversized ego can rub others the wrong way. Being their own boss will suit them best, as they are suited to roles in leadership. Other possibilities include business management, entertainment and teaching, especially in higher education.

Their exuberant and assertive personality makes them ideal bosses, performers, and artists.


Bold, brilliant and dazzling, Leo's love luxury and standout colours. Their style should reflect their classy and elegant tastes. Gold pieces paired with over-sized plants and stylish furnishings will elevate any Lion's den. Royal colours such as deep purple, blue and vivid reds will create a sense of depth that they will appreciate.

The 5th sign of the zodiac, Leos are often perceived as the 'dramatic' one of the 12 signs. Their Lion energy definitely makes them 'King of the Jungle'... Rawr!


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