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It's Aries season, baby!

Aries tornado... a phrase often used to describe their abundance of energy. Being the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is the youngest and most fearless of the other signs. Their fiery passion for all things physical and action-packed makes them exciting and adventurous people to be around. They have a bold and ambitious nature, unafraid to tackle even the most difficult challenges head-on.


Birthdate: March 21 - April 19

Element: Fire

Planet: Mars

Colour: Red

Hobbies: Sports, travel, anything adrenaline related

Symbol: Ram

Famous Aries: Reese Witherspoon, Elton John, Mariah Carey, Lady Gaga, Charlie Chaplin, Vincent Van Gogh



Fiery and playful Aries can be ideal partners for those who like passion. Since they are driven creatures, they often make the first move when it comes to romance and have no qualms when showing affection to their partner. Trips away, gifts, lots of cuddles and play fighting are how they like to show their love.

Best date ideas: Rock climbing/hiking followed by a sports bar.

Best compatibility: Sagittarius - fiery, adventurous, spirited, sociable, humorous.


Passionate and energetic, their sex life is never boring, and they often like to keep it saucy. Being a cardinal sign, they have a go-getter attitude and will have bouts of spontaneity and vitality. Expect this ram to randomly charge their partner with some on the spot steamy moments or hot sex. Spicing up the locations, positions, and role-playing will excite them and keep them engaged.


Honest, direct and approachable Aries can make friends easily, whilst their youthful enthusiasm allows them to have a wide range of eclectic acquaintances. Those with a sense of adventure or similar energy levels will often be friends for life. Expect hang-outs to be physical related, whether it's playing sports, hiking, or exploring a new location. Although they are friendly and charismatic, they can be secretive and reserved when it comes to their past. They love to keep things light-hearted and will champion their friends to live their best life.


Affectionate, independent and head-strong. Those born under the 1st zodiac sign need daily physical activity and exercise, especially as children. They know where they want to go and can often leave the nest earlier than other zodiac signs. Restrictions are not something they are fond of. Therefore, they appreciate a more liberal and easy-going family. They can be solo-thinkers and may act before considering others, but they are loyal and will protect their family at all cost.


Thanks to their fantastic energy levels, the rams are great at saving money since they work longer hours and more days than most, but they have no issues with spending their hard-earned cash if an adventure is to be had, often preferring to splash out on traveling or experiences rather than material objects.


Ambitious and enterprising, Aries are often leaders, preferring to give direction rather than take it. Competition is something they thrive on and will work hard to be the 'best'. They take calculated risks and are excellent at being innovative. Since they are governed by Mars, the planet of war, a career in policing, security, and military services is a good option. Additionally, roles such as carpentry, mechanics, professional sports, firefighting, or becoming a travel influencer will help channel their physical energy. Aries also gravitate towards challenging areas with tight deadlines.


Being the bright fire that ignites a new cycle in the zodiac, a bold style with strong colours should be in every room of the house, reflecting their inner tenacity. An urban street-style is ideal. Think New-York loft with exposed brick, metal finishes, and industrial-style furniture. A nice cabinet to put all their travel memorabilia in is a must-have. A home that displays all their achievements and trophies is always a winner, as it's a reminder of just how awesome they are.

Daring, exhilarating, and always a lot of fun. It's no wonder why Aries is the 1st sign of the zodiac.


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