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Gemini: The gems of the zodiac

Represented as twins, those born under the 3rd sign of the zodiac are open-minded, outgoing, and curious. They have an amazing ability to be sociable and bubbly one moment, then quiet and introspective the next, making them dynamic and interesting.


Birthdate: May 21 - June 20

Element: Air

Planet: Mercury

Colour: Yellow/Pink

Hobbies: Partying, gaming, writing, painting

Symbol: Twins

Famous Geminis: Marilyn Monroe, J.F. Kennedy, Queen Victoria, Anne Frank, Johnny Depp, Clint Eastwood, Prince, Kanye West, Angelina Jolie



Gemini's love language is mainly expressed through communication, making them natural flirts and smooth talkers. They are highly intellectual and appreciate people who are equally inquisitive and curious. They will often discover new and intriguing things about themselves whilst entering into a relationship. Who are they? How do they behave in the different stages of romance? All questions stemming from their self-awareness and investigative mind. They love to make people laugh and have stimulating conversations. Playful debates and deep insights will help make a Gemini see you as the gem in their life.

Best date ideas: An escape room followed by a standup comedy gig.

Best compatibility: Libra - geeky, analytical, communicative, stimulating.


Passionate, exciting and expressive Geminis are masters of dirty talk. They crave sexual experiences that are wild, impulsive, and thrilling. Teasing their partner until they are yearning for more is their forte. As variety is the spice of life for the twins, mixing things up will keep them on their toes.


Quick-witted, fun, and curious Gems make for fantastic friends. They love meeting new people and are up for any experience. They have a natural restlessness which makes them great companions to travel with. Expect them to be chatty and at the center of social gatherings, often spilling the tea and having the latest gossip. Their friendships are laid-back and casual, preferring to give people space and expecting it in return.


Being the first of the air signs, the twins may be flighty about their social and long-term plans, often having bouts of uncertainty and aloofness, much to the annoyance of their family members. They prefer to go with the flow and take one step at a time. Traveling might be important for them in order to 'find themselves'.

A home full of child-like fun and curiosity will help foster a healthy environment. It is also important for them to have time alone, so they can contemplate and reflect.


Neither here nor there, money isn't something that Geminis think about often. Preferring to live in the 'now' rather than organise and invest in the future. Thrift/Op shopping is a vibe they live by.


Geminis are naturally talented at creative expression, making them excellent writers, communicators, and journalists. Public relations, teaching, acting and being an influencer are also great paths due to their charismatic nature. A career in a challenging environment will help fulfill their love for intellectual stimulation. Travel guides or air hosting are also an option, since they love to explore.


Fun and vibrant, Gemini's decorating style is: bold colours, eclectic furniture and pop art. It's important to have two separate zones in the home; a sociable living area with a lot of seating, for when they have guests over, and a snug, quiet reading nook for when they are in a contemplative mood. The twins' taste may be expensive, but it's quirky and different.

Being the first air sign of the zodiac makes Gemini a breath of fresh air. The duality of their personality make them unique and the gems of the zodiac.


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