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Saucy Sagittarius

Playful, gregarious, enthusiastic and brazen. This fire sign is definitely the party animal of the zodiac. Their vibe is purely unique, shining as bright as the summer sun. They are reminiscent of a 'mad hatter' type of genius and their quest for exploring the unknown is truly unmatched.


Birthdate: November 22nd - December 21st

Element: Fire

Planet: Jupiter

Colour: Purple

Hobbies: Travelling, camping, white-water rafting, vlogging, music festivals.

Symbol: Archer

Famous Sagittarians: Taylor Swift, Brad Pitt, Nostradamus, Frank Sinatra, Miley Cyrus, Walt Disney, Mark Twain, Britney Spears, Winston Churchill, Beethoven, Jane Austen



Bold, upbeat and passionate. This saucy fire sign can charm the pants off anyone! A fiery energy like theirs craves openness and freedom when connecting with others, typically having a breezy approach to relationship status or labels. Some people would often describe their romances as 'whirlwind' as they are quick to fall in love. Having natural chemistry with almost anyone, they will probably try out all the' flavours' that life offers. Their motto? Have fun and live in the moment.

Best date ideas: Hot-air balloon ride or music festival.

Best compatibility: Aries - Energetic, spontaneous, outgoing, adventurous.


Sagittarius's sex life is straight up fire! Their abundance of energy and playfulness is spicy, so having a partner who can take the heat is a must. Extended time for foreplay and lots of changes in positions and pace are a given. There are only a few signs you could thoroughly do the Kama Sutra with and this sign is one of them.


Hilarious, fun and outgoing, you can bet that this archer has a buzzing social scene along with a large group of friends. They love to party and certainly know how to have a good time. Their spontaneity and free spirit attract a lot of like-minded people, making their friend group more of a 'vibe tribe'. We often label them as the best 'conversationalists' out of all the zodiac signs, since having good banter is second nature to them.


Open-hearted and fair-minded Sagittarius are very loyal to their loved ones. They can be blunt, but since communication is their strong point, they will probably stay in their family's good graces. They liven up social gatherings and will always have the best cracker worthy jokes at Christmas. They make excellent parents since it's easy for them to delve deep into a childlike mentality, keeping playtime fun and entertaining.


With a flare for creativity, this fire sign would make fantastic artists, fashion designers, musicians and TV personalities. Their outgoing nature and curiosity in people also make them suited for roles like life-coaches or alternative healers. As natural networkers, they can create a large web of contacts or clients. These centaurs have a longevity about them that will guarantee a long-lasting career in their chosen field.


Since most Saggis like to live life to the fullest, making money can sometimes be on the back burner. They prefer to splash their cash on experiences such as festivals or travel, therefore their bank account may look a little on the low side, but if they can monetize their fun experiences, then surely they can live the best of both worlds


Boho, boho, boho. It's the perfect style choice for our adventurous archer. Having lots a travel memorabilia scattered around with bold colours and prints will make their home vibrant and awesome.

This sanguine spirit is the last of the fire signs and, therefore, the zestiest (IMO). They exude charisma and have a spark to them that is contagious and inspiring. If you are lacking luster, then having this centaur as your friend will surely keep life interesting.

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