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Captivating Capricorn

Hardworking, ambitious, disciplined, practical and conscientious Capricorn is typically placed in the 10th house of astrology, which governs public image and career. They are the 'boss' of the zodiacs with an abundance of leadership qualities and mental prowess, but let's set the cosmic record straight. Capricorns are more than what they are portrayed as being in astrology. They may present themselves as a pragmatic persona, but they have a deep intuition and creative ability, making them great artists and visionaries.


Birthdate: December 22nd - January 19th

Element: Earth

Planet: Saturn

Colour: Grey, black/white

Hobbies: Puzzles, gardening, hiking, painting, crafting.

Symbol: Sea Goat

Famous Capricorns: Elvis Presley, Michelle Obama, Issac Newton, Dolly Parton, Jim Carey, Stephen Hawking, Muhammad Ali, Kate Middleton, David Bowie, Martin Luther King Jr.



Loyal and devoted with a clear outlook on love, Capricorns are steadfast and realistic, preferring to take their time in relationships. They often look for a long-term commitment rather than short-lived romances. Liking the refinements of life, this fine wine and dine sort of sign pulls out all the stops with wooing, taking their romantic interests to fancy restaurants and enjoying 'premium' style dates. They relish their ability to provide for their partner and will often take the lead in the dynamic.

Best date ideas: Hiking followed by a 5 star restaurant.

Best compatibility: Cancer - loving, devoted, kind, homely, intuitive.


Known for their assertiveness, Capricorns are particularly adept at being dominant partners. Sex is a stimulating experience for them, and they enjoy exploring their own and their partner's body. With a blend of water and earth in their zodiac, they can be sensual, prudent and tender in bed. Since they are goats, they can also be very horny and enthusiastic.


Wanting those they love to live up to their fullest potential, Capricorns are one of the purest friends you can have. They champion the underdog, making sure they feel equal and included among others in social gatherings, but beware! This earth sign doesn't like those who disrespect them and will not hesitate to cut someone out of their life in quick fashion. Some would say they are 'ball-busters', but Capricorns have a very healthy dose of self-respect and will not let others undermine them.


Loyal and traditional, few things make Capricorn happier than spending time with their relatives, supporting their growth and ambitions. They see their family as an extension of themselves, and they’ll do whatever it takes to keep the lineage and family name in good standing. As Capricorn is the father sign, they are a strong provider for their family, supplying resources, giving wise advice, and handing out money. They love creating opportunities to share with their kin, especially if making money is involved.


A hardworking habitat is Capricorn's favourite stomping ground. These goats are ambitious and will grind hard to achieve their goals. They naturally make powerful CEOs, world leaders, business owners, and engineers. Like Leo, they make perfect leaders, but unlike the lions, they approach situations with a pragmatic view, valuing sensible mindsets over expressive ones. Their analytical mind and management skills make them ideal for careers in finance, management, banking, politics, law and administration, whilst their innovative flair makes them ideal for the Arts. They will either approach corporate careers with an artistic flare or be very thorough and methodical in the creative arts. The stars certainly appear to be aligned for their success, as anything they touch turns to gold.


Naturally adept at finances, this earth sign is built for entrepreneurship and investment. Their rational mind loves to save money, but like a magpie, they can often be drawn to the shiniest, most expensive items in the store and not spend a second thought about purchasing them.


Earthy muted tones inspired by nature will bring a harmonious balance to the goat. Natural materials and textures like wood and sand with minimalist decorative accents will calm them and create peace within their busy schedules.

With the sea goat as their advocate, the last earth sign of the zodiac is a mixture of water and earth, creating a positive balance between intuitive yet grounded. There's a reason they are the G.O.A. T aka 'the greatest of all time'.


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