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Age of Aquarius

Revolutionary, innovative, nuanced, rebellious and highly intelligent. The last of the air signs are some of the most erudite people you'll ever meet. They operate outside the box, tearing down societal constructs and paving the way forward with new ideas and lifestyle concepts.


Birthdate: Jan 20th - Feb18th

Element: Air.

Planet: Uranus

Colour(s): Blue, Silver.

Hobbies: Gaming, inventing, sleuthing, designing.

Symbol: Water-Bearer.

Famous Aquarians: Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, Charles Darwin, Christian Dior, Yoko Ono, Shakira, Harry Styles, Jennifer Aniston, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Cristiano Ronaldo.



Because of their cerebral outlook on life, Aquarius are very selective when it comes to a partner. They are drawn to unique souls who are witty and engaging with interesting experiences and thoughts to share. It takes a while for the water-bearer to open up and even longer to be vulnerable. Others may question if they are interested in them as they do not display their emotions readily. Time and patience are key when dating this air sign. Allow them freedom and space so that the relationship can thrive naturally.

Best date ideas: Exploring a museum followed by an escape room.

Best compatibility: Sagittarius -Conversationalist, adventurous, energetic, explorative.


When it comes to sex, this air sign views it as a natural and exciting aspect of human life that is bound only by one's creativity. They can easily separate sex from love and tend to have a more liberated viewpoint when forming bonds with sexual partners. They have few inhibitions and are open-minded about trying more 'taboo' subjects. An expressive and feisty partner is an Aquarian's best match.


Loyal and reliable, an Aquarian will listen, give advice, and empathise with their friends. They are known for their expansive thinking, and they will always bring a fresh perspective to a situation. They also take pleasure in discovering common links with others, and don't feel uneasy or uncomfortable in unfamiliar surroundings. With a keen ability to listen and ask questions, Aquarians have the ability to coax anyone into opening up, often getting them to share secrets they've never revealed to anyone else before.


Possessing a great deal of affection and loyalty, they hold deep attachments to their family members, but prefer to keep their emotional ties private, appearing to some as cold or aloof. Their wit and care for others make them excellent at knowing just the right words to say, and being playful with their family. Being natural humanitarians, they can encourage loved ones to donate to charities and volunteer for those in need.


Our water-bearing darlings are non-conformists and need a career that expresses their creative pursuits, high intellect and innovative flair. They can do anything!... that isn't mundane. Since Uranus is their ruling planet, they are naturally eccentric and rebellious with a raw genius you rarely see. They like to be in control and push narratives forward. Expect change and intriguing propositions from an Aquarian co-worker. Ideal careers are anything in the creative arts, such as fashion, the media, music and acting. They also make fantastic book-keepers, professors, and non-profit organisation leaders.


Aquarians are known for their financial independence and often have firm plans in place to avoid debt. They tend to seek creative solutions instead of relying on others for financial support, aligning with their independent nature. They like to donate their financial resources to aid their family or charitable organisations in order to fulfil their philanthropic nature.


Being the last of the air signs, aquarians rule the sky. Opting for a blue and winter palette scheme will create a tranquil haven for these critical thinkers. Air purifiers, aroma diffusers and plants that filter air pollution, such as peace lilies are a must. A technological-savvy home with abstract art and metallic finishes will keep them content.

The 11th sign of the zodiac is often associated with planning a revolution, proudly flaunting their funky fashion style and being devoid of emotion. However, what may be overlooked is their sensitive side, imagination and kindness. This truly is the dawning of the age of Aquarius.


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